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Hello and welcome to fab Women in Business Events! Worldwide networking and business events run exclusively for female entrepreneurs. If you are a woman thinking of starting your own business or you are already at the helm, our events are for you.

The fab team run large scale and smaller, intimate boutique events on topics from investment and marketing to accountancy and legal help. Events run in the UK, US and India. Click on the tab at the top of this page to find an event near you.

Our audience is vast and varied; from school leavers to resourceful full-time mothers and senior business leaders. Events attract an eclectic mix, from start-ups to fully fledged companies, all drawn by the quality of our programmes as well as the opportunity to network, build collaborative working relationships with fellow attendees and do business with speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors.

fab Women in Business Events is division of fab Women in Business; a bi monthly magazine dedicated to inspiring, motivating and providing practical support to enterprising women all over the world. fab’s mission is simple: to inspire and support new female-led enterprises. With a circulation of 85,000 printed copies per issue distributed in the UK through WHSmith and with a global distribution across 10 countries (and counting!), fab has an active, committed following. The online edition is available on all major platforms including App Store, Google Play, Blackberry, Amazon and Pocket Mags.

At fab, we believe that self-employment is a hugely rewarding career choice. However for many, comfort in the security of a traditional job or career can prevent us from embracing the freedom and excitement of striking out alone. Fab provide you with the support you need to start and build a successful business. Together, we can achieve anything.

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